The story of the Innotiimi-ICG Group started in Central Europe and the Nordic countries. Already in 1983 and 1984, in Finland and Austria, entrepreneurs had founded small consultancy companies.

Common passion for orienteering started a successful venture.
Common passion for orienteering started a successful venture.

The roots of Innotiimi are in innovation, as reflected by the company name. The key ideas were creativity at work, and methods to free people`s creativity and to make innovation happen.

ICG`s background – formerly known as INFORA – is based on organizational development and change management. From its inception ICG people had the ambition to make real change happen, by integrating both hard facts and soft skills.

During the last 10 years, both companies have developed their regional scope, and expanded their business to other European countries. ICG founded a partnership with Hungarian colleagues, set up a common company with experienced German professionals and found professional partners in Czech Republic, Romania and Bulgaria with similarly like-minded groups. Innotiimi resourced its experienced professionals in the other Nordic countries, Sweden and Norway for example, and built networks in Belgium and France.

Innotiimi and ICG were brought together by chance and a relationship. A common passion for Orienteering of two people from the two companies (Günter Kradischnig and Anssi Juutilainen), set up the basis for a professional business partnership. Innotiimi and ICG started as a loose network, and after 5 years of common learning, knowledge sharing, common project work and intensified personal interactions a common company structure was created. Since 2012 Innotiimi-ICG has acted as a strong integrated consulting group with more than 130 professionals. The intrapersonal experience spirit still drives the group. 70 partners are shareholders of our common professional company. Our vision is to become one of the leading European consulting groups for sustainable change and corporate development processes by 2020.

We are proud of our special culture, based on quality of our work, engagement and personal appreciation. Although we are hard working professionals, there are also lots of occasions where we have fun together.