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Mindfulness - How to best manage your monkey mind!

Mindfulness is a combination of Eastern meditation and Western cognitive sciences which has become a mainstream tool in leadership development and practice.


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Measuring & improving employee's happiness

Employee (dis)engagement is crucial in business but poorly measured. A normal employee satisfaction survey provides lots of data, but very little actionable information and treats satisfaction or happiness as an absolute state of mind, which is in reality never the case.


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Gore - Building stronger external relations

In a café in the center of Palo Alto we had the great opportunity to meet Linda Elkins, who spent a long time with Gore and is currently building up the new innovation center in the Silicon Valley.


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Commitment despite multiple job changes?

Long life employment is a model of the past. On one hand companies all over the world are reducing more and more their core staff and increase cooperation with freelancers, consultants, etc. On the other hand people themselves are changing employers much faster. In Silicon Valley the average software engineer stays for 18 months with one company – a software engineer in Europe sticks to a company for up to 10 years. But even in Europe this number will drop.


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Add hours to your workweek through well conducted meetings

Juha Lipponen

According to National Meeting Barometer 2015 in Finland, a Finn spends in average 9.5 hours a week in meetings. According to the Barometer participants consider wasting 5 hours and 22 minutes each week


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