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Let`s make a journey to the organization of tomorrow

Frank Kuehn

Resilient, high performing, fit for future or anti-fragile: How should organizations be set up in order to face the volatile business? Flow with the “liquid modernity”, link to the world’s increasing digitalization? How should they meet both the expectations and the demographic needs?


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Art is a way to get connected to your subconscious

Ansu Piira

We as a consultants have experience in using art in our development projects. We are amazed how well it has been perceived by people and what they all have found out about themselves. During art exercises everyone is free to share as much or as little as s/he wants.

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Sport and business, or business and sport?

Iain Muir

Today, it seems that these two areas are becoming more and more inextricably linked. The days of amateurism are far behind us, the time when we played sport for the fun of it, and actually even paid to take part.  I can remember losing money from work, and also having to pay my own travel costs to play sport. Agreed, the Corinthian ideal is still around in some areas, but most highly profiled sports are very financially driven. And, there, we have our first direct link between the two.

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