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Change Management

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Innovative solutions through design thinking

IDEO is the world’s most admired design agency. People like David and Tom Kelly were forerunners using design thinking for developing new products and services. Recently, the design thinking method was transformed into an approach for transformation towards innovative organizations and innovation culture. IDEO calls this concept “leading for creativity”. We visited their SF office – nicely located at Pier 28 in San Francisco.

Values of IDEO

What is it about?

Creative leadership is not about leaders simply becoming more creative. It’s about individuals leading for creativity and setting the conditions of the organization to generate, embrace and execute on new ideas.

3 lessons leaders learn from it

Always offer your people challenging and inspiring questions, based on the purpose and vision of the intended change. IDEO name it “acting as an explorer”, meaning also taking risks to get closer to the destination. Leaders’ second role is acting as a “gardener”, meaning providing spaces and setting the conditions for developing new ways of working – this means also providing inspiration when energy is low. The third role of a coach is staying present and engaged, being on the field and offering guidance on the fly.

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