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Raluca Androne

A few days ago, I was sitting on a tram, somewhere in  Bucharest. When the tram was about to leave the station, one of the exits remained open. Not because the tram was too crowded, but because some doors simply did not close. The conductor stopped and a man standing near that exit tried to pull the doors closed. He did not manage. And then two Roma youngsters who were a bit noisy during travelling said to each other “Let us close the doors!”

Fortunately for the hurried passengers they succeeded. But the tram did not leave the station. The conductor got out of his cabin and went straight to the two youngsters. He accused them of blocking the doors, threatened to get them off tram, offended them and nobody else among the other passengers who witnessed the entire situation did react.

At that moment I wanted to do something, I felt the urge to defend them. But, except the fact I was diagnozed with laryngitis that very morning and I could barely whisper, I thought it was inappropiate for a young woman to interfere in the matter and that, if there was justice on Earth, somebody else would react. But while the tram conductor was expressing his feelings nobody defended the two Roma youngsters. I was ashamed of myself and of the other passengers that we were incapable of seeing good in things and people where we expect to find only flaws.

The situation reminds me of a lesson of leadership - maybe one of the most important: learn to unlearn. Only when we are ready to give up prejudices, habits, beliefs, things valid in the past, we learn and evolve.

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Gravatar: AllisonAllison
Creative Education Consultant/Teaching Artist

Thank you for posting this. I work with at risk youth and their teachers. Sometimes it is indee difficult to see anything beyond what we expect to see.

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