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Alexandra Postolache

This is the fifth post of a series of blogs talking about how your daily meetings can be made more participative and efficient. You can find the previous ones here: O phase; P phase; E phase; R phase.

Imagine…you are a mother with three girls and (additionally) a husband. And you have only one wardrobe. Let’s call it “OPERA” wardrobe. It is clearly that everybody is allowed to bring their own clothes, sometimes the sisters exchange and share some items together, there are moments when they will explain why they need more space in the wardrobe because their clothes are the most important, so, you, as a mother, should lead a ranking activity and, in the end, to arrange the clothes in the wardrobe.

The arranging phase is the most impactful activity of the process. Why? Because it gives you more space, clarity and takes out the master pieces of your wardrobe.

The same process stands behind an OPERA meeting. After going through the first four phases (O, P, E, R), in the end you have to arrange ideas of the team in such a way that gives a clear image of the results. The ideas which have not been voted in the Ranking phase are taken out of the Opera board, which means that the clothes you are not wearing so much can be stored in a different place. And don’t feel pity for them, in many cases less is more.

Finally, the most voted suggestions on the board or the master pieces in the wardrobe are put in the front line and then you add the similar items below them. Optionally, you can also label each group of suggestions.

What I like most about arranging is that every time gives me a good feeling that I finished something and in the same time offers me energy to work further with that process. Endings mean new beginnings! Top scoring ideas gather support from all the people in the process and assigning the personal responsibilities will be substantially easier and more successful.

We finished our OPERA series articles, but it is also the start of the year and we highly recommend you to arrange your closet with your family and to review and to run an OPERA process with your team!

You can read more of Innotiimi-ICG’s OPERA method in an ebook “Opera - Guide for more efficient meetings”, available at https://itunes.apple.com/fi/book/opera/id871050555

Have a good year! :)

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