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Juha Lipponen

According to National Meeting Barometer 2015 in Finland, a Finn spends in average 9.5 hours a week in meetings. According to the Barometer participants consider wasting 5 hours and 22 minutes each week in poorly conducted or even useless meetings. How do we improve the efficient use of time in meetings?

OPERA principles

The strength of OPERA is based on creating a common view in a team in a way that everyone are included in creating the shared view, both in the end result, and in creating it. Innotiimi-ICG has 30 years of experience in using the OPERA process. OPERA has thousands of happy users in dozens of countries and cultures.

The abbreviation OPERA comes from its individual phases as follows:
O = Own thinking
P = Pair suggestions
E = Explanation
R = Ranking
A = Arranging

OPERA’s power as a participative method is based on following:

  • The more introverted are also included in the process (otherwise, the most extraverted easily dominate the discussion or meeting)
  • OPERA focuses the discussion or dialogue, and prevents wandering off topic
  • ”Bad” ideas are not allowed to be criticized, focus is in selecting the good ones instead
  • The common view is crystallized on the OPERA board
  • Everyone feel having been creating the common view. A strong commitment to the end result is created. Then, it is easy to find responsible persons for the follow up actions.

Common topics can be handled also without a conducting a meeting. For example, if the target is to report, or just to inform, other ways than getting literate people sitting together in a physical or virtual meeting room can be more efficient.


OPERAmeeting is an application and cloud service for Windows 7, 8 and 10 PC’s and tablets. With OPERAmeeting you can handle the wrap up meeting even in 30 minutes. Before you get together the participants have preliminary assignment for an individual thinking on the topic followed by discussions and sharing the individual thoughts in pairs or small groups (O- and P-phases). Then you get together and give short presentations of the pair suggestions, prioritize the suggestions, followed by grouping and selecting the follow up actions.

If your team has 10 members, you just saved their common time by 20–30 hours. With just a one efficient meeting.

You can take a look at OPERAmeeting from here.

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