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Change Management

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Juha Lipponen

Everyone of us are familiar with frustration of inefficient meetings. More efficient online collaboration tools can save up to 5 hours a week of working time (http://www.inc.com/comcast/fostering-better-online-collaboration.html). National Meeting Barometer 2015 in Finland indicates similar results: The barometer concludes, that in average, over 5 hours of working time per week is wasted related to bad meetings.

Innotiimi-ICG presents a whole new way of team collaboration, interaction and making decisions. It is an application and cloud service, which helps teams to better meetings, leadership and more efficient use of their time. The service is called OPERAmeeting. The application and the cloud service are based on Innotiimi-ICG’s OPERA method. There is 30 year’s experience of the procedure itself, with tens of thou-sands of happy users in dozens of countries and cultures.

”OPERAmeeting helps me especially in asynchronous decision making processes to capture ideas in a most effective, structured and documented way. My team is located in Finland, Sweden and Germany. Here, we have a chance to let people to work offline, align together, and come up with the best ideas. Nothing is getting lost. This improves our quality of services to our business partners.”
Ruediger Frickenscmidt, Director Enterprise Product Sales, Fujitsu Nordics

OPERAmeeting is Windows 7, 8 and 10 application for PC’s and tablets. It helps in structuring the meeting efficiently and flexibly.  The results of the meeting are automatically refined into structured summary. Process can partly be carried out asynchronously, independent from time and place. Then, even the teams across different time zones can collaborate seamlessly. Process works in the cloud, and the team contribution can be followed at personal devices. The application can be downloaded at Windows Store, or at http://www.innotiimidigitalservices.com/download-app/. The application itself is a free download for all. The facilitator of OPERAmeeting session needs a paid Facilitator license (79€/year).

”With our new tool, the threshold to plan the changes together in the team is lowered significantly”, describes Risto Luostarinen, Sales and Marketing Director of Innotiimi Digital Services, Inc. – "For example, you can give your preliminary action plan for your team for consideration. Your team will review the plan, and give their thoughts about it. The team produces their common, crystallized and prioritized improvement suggestions for you within a couple of days – even without a separate meeting” Luostarinen describes the possibilities.

Additional information:

Innotiimi-ICG, Tommi Gustafsson, tommi.gustafsson@innotiimi.com, t. +358400469567
Innotiimi Digital Services Oy, Risto Luostarinen, risto.luostarinen@innotiimi.com, t. +358400677023

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