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An inspiring playground – also for serious business.

TechShop®  is a vibrant, creative community and workshop that provides access to instructions, tools, software and space.

After some meetings with start-ups in the software business we had the chance to visit the TechShop DIY workshop and fabrication studio in San Francisco. TechShop is a community-based space, a playground for creativity where entrepreneurs, artists, makers, teachers and students come together to learn and work. Before entering the actual workshops we heard about some entrepreneurs who use the space to kick-start their businesses. One such company is Dodocase. Its success story began in the wood shop of TechShop San Francisco, when a member created a bamboo iPad case. Another start-up company produced the prototypes for a foldable kayak here.

A creative designer produces parts for a
small series of designer lamps - on an
Austrian trotec laser cutter.

Pioneers in technology

Some facts about TechShop: founded 10 years ago, today there are 10 TechShops in the U.S., Paris, Abu Dhabi and Tokyo. It needs some 3 to 5 million USD to set up a shop. The shop in San Francisco offers more than 20 different machine kits like laser cutter, 3D printer, water jet cutting, welding kits, textile kits, metal and wood lathe etc. All machines look simple, robust and easy to handle. Safety is important, of course.

3D printers are the “Swiss knife” for makers

Learning and helping each other

It’s easy to become a member: the monthly fee is USD 150 and the minimum age is 8 years. Newcomers receive a starter package of support and training. If needed, you can book 2–3 hour classes for most of the machines. Established companies like Tesla have a corporate membership for their employees.

It’s much more than just access to a lot of manufacturing facilities. The secret for success is an inspired environment, the diversity of technologies next to each other, the open mind helping each other and last but not least fresh coffee and popcorn.

The sales manager showed us around
and answered hundreds of questions.

Ask the dream consultant for help

Whether you need help how to operate a machine set or where to buy special plastic films nearby – just ask the DC, that´s how the three dream consultants are called. Or put your request on the pin board – asking the community for co-operation. Most wear parts for 3D printing and machining are buyable in the small shop in the entrance area. Easy going and supportive.


 Link: http://www.techshop.ws/tssf.html


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