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Change Management

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Why now?

Regarding to Ben Levy, co-founder of BootstrapLabs, one of the leading investment companies with an absolute focus on applied artificial intelligence start-ups, it is not a matter what vertical markets will be disrupted, it is a question of when.

Human vs. machine

What automation did in the last centuries with the blue collar jobs, AI is expected to do with the white collar jobs. But is it really about the computer being the better human and replacing well educated and experienced professionals in their jobs? Well, yes and no. Believes are that certainly some job will be replaced, hence others will be augmented and supported by AI systems. So it is rather human + machine than human vs. machine. Human Augmented Technology is the term you have to look for.

When will AI come or is it already here?

Siri, Alexa, Galaxy etc. are definitely fun gadgets to play with and sometimes really helpful but in terms of AI they have the intellect of toasted bread. Currently the race is on between the tech companies to position their AI platforms in order to have the industry developing all the new intelligent and fancy apps based on them. Elon Musk (Tesla, paypal…) is donating 1 Billion USD for the development of open.AI, an open source AI platform in order to provide this technology to everyone in the world.

Coming back to the question when this all will start to take place, Levy simply said: ”NOW!”. R&D and investments have reached a point where AI is already applied in certain industries. One disruptive element of AI solutions is that it is perfectly applicable in our current work processes without the need of changing them. So there will not be a big bang when AI solutions enter our daily work live.

What does that mean for consultancy?

Well, AI will enable consultants to spend more time with customers by actively supporting know-how work and providing latest and relevant information for their specific expertise. Regarding to Levy, new fields of consultancy will emerge.



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