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Right in the heart of mission district, a young start-up follows its dream of glory and making a difference with courage, motivation and love in their hearts – KIDmob. We met Kate and Tyler, the two founders of KIDmob on a chilly wednesday morning for an interactive tour through their workspace, were they teach design thinking to kids.

Since Kate and Tyler are promoting an energetic, hands-on approach of learning when working with kids, we were prepared for action. As promised we got first-hand experience how their workshops create an immersive environment of moving, shaking, sketching, whirling, splatting, slicing, sawing and jitterbugging creativity. With contagious motivation Kate explained us how important they see their role of bringing design knowledge into schools. How they do it? By cooperating with schools and communities in and around San Francisco. Working on real challenges that schools or communities are providing, the KIDmob team hacks the space and offers kids the opportunity to explore their creativity steps by step, including getting in touch with new technologies like 3D printing, laser cutting and many others. For Kate and Tyler it is clear that kids have everything they need to be creative and innovative, their task is just to show it to them.

Broccoli or candy?

Kids see the world differently than we do as grown-ups. We search for logic were kids go for unexpected connections. We see constraints were they see possibilities. We learned to sit and talk instead of investigating our surroundings with all senses. Brought to the point – we think of broccoli instead of candy. For KIDmob the power in their daily work lies in that difference. We as adults can learn from our kids to see the world from a different perspective. Instead of assuming boundaries beforehand, they can teach us to discover boundaries by trying it out, observing critically and asking the right questions.

Understanding the needs of others is the underlying message for innovative design. How do you do that – by asking WHY? If somebody tells you what he likes or hates, not the stated fact leads you to a new innovation, but maybe the answer on your follow-up question? Kids do that all the time, sometimes even more often than we would like to hear, but maybe exactly that makes kids such great inventors. They don’t assume, plan ahead and execute after, they discover step by step what might work and what doesn’t.   We learned that in the bay area everybody dreams big. And so do Kate and Tyler. Every kid should get the opportunity to discover their creative potential. If our kids learn how to design a better world for themselves, their friends and families and maybe even the whole community around them, just then Kate and Tyler see their mission as accomplished.

Links to:
KIDmobs Website – http://www.kidmob.org
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/kidmob.org 
Instagram – https://www.instagram.org/kidmobsf
Twitter - @kidmoborg

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