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Change Management

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Bruno Burkart

Our visit at the San Francisco Office of “Business Models Inc.” was an exceptional lesson with the strategic designer Justin Lokitz who gave us an inspiring insight how to create business for the future. To apply the Business Model Generator Canvas in an innovative way is an exceptional example of how perfectly business and design thinking go hand in hand.

4 Steps to Better Business: go for an innovative trip

In a very well structured way customers are led to innovate their business. Make sure that everybody shares the same sense of urgency.

Step 1: Understand the business – the current reality

First make sure that all understand their market, customers and current business model and design a vision:

  • Create a clear picture of everything touching your business world
  • The Business Model Canvas (BMC) is a helpful model to structure your business – how do you currently create value?
  • Go for a future walk to map your vision

Step 2: Innovate – generate lots of options

Based on the lessons learned from Step 1 develop new business model options and new value propositions:

  • Who is your customer? What is the job he needs to get done? What are his pains and gains?
  • Explore options: Don’t go for the single right solution. Explore many business model options before you decide!
  • Check value proposition: How can you help your customer get the job done?

Step 3: Validate – challenge your assumptions

Test the business model options before making risky investments in the execution of your options:

  • Set up a clear test plan to validate your assumptions that make or break your business model
  • Interact with your customer – are you on the right track?

Step 4: Execute

Scale a validated business model and implement it into your organization or pivot your strategy.


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