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Bela Kezy

Just two weeks after the ROMA-Net thematic workshop in Torrent I travelled to Vienna to watch a concert of Bruce Springsteen. Although I have seen Bruce Springsteen live before, this concert had the biggest impact on me. I realized that the concert and the Roma integration have a lot in common.

No. 1: Love what you do! It was obvious that Springsteen and every single member of his band enjoy what they do!

Working with Roma communities is a difficult task, with many challenges day after day. The only way to handle it really well is that you love what you do. Without this passion, it is not possible to work with the necessary dedication, especially when things feel really hard and almost insurmountable.

No. 2: Believe in what you do! Springsteen fanatically believes that he has a mission in this world: he plays his music to improve the life of as many people as possible.

Working with Roma communities also requires a strong faith and belief in what you are trying to achieve, no question about it. 

No. 3: Make a real impact with the community you are working with by being with them as much as possible! Springsteens enthusiastic fans could see him up close, shake hands with him, and participate in his music.

If you want to make a real impact, you should spend as much time as possible talking and walking with the Roma community. 

No. 4: The "Boss" trusts his fans and believes that they will do the right thing in the end. And they do!

It is impossible to work with Roma communities without trusting them. But as the example demonstrates: the more open and trusting you are with people, the more they will trust you and demonstrating this through each other’s actions really works. 

No. 5: Listen to the people! A concert is not a request program – the songs played are carefully selected.

If you are really serious about helping Roma communities, being with them is only a good start - you also have to really listen to them. 

No. 6: Serve your community, but once in a while, make some dreams come true! The Boss knows well, that he has to serve all of his audience – but from time-to-time he can also make some dreams come true without hurting the interests of the entire community.

We have to be aware of the whole community is Needs. In making some critical changes to the way we work with our Roma communities through meeting their needs and being culturally sensitive we can actually change not only the lives of Roma people but that of the wider community too.

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