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Local managing directors sometimes receive clear messages: Either you improve results massively or the location will be closed. But how is this managed, when conventional cost reduction and saving programs have already been undertaken? A sustainable transformation process – including strategic, cultural and behavior change of key people is needed.

How can you make it happen, that transformation does not automatically cause fear and resistance? How can we create a positive future with personnel and implement radical changes of existing patterns at the same time?

What is crucial for a successful transformation?

  • Leading change pro-actively together, with a strong committed team based on a common realistic vision and a committed transformation roadmap.
  • Building small teams who are able and willing to develop changes in processes, attitudes and systems to implement a new way of working.
  • Set up processes for open and emotional communication, between top management, middle management and employees based on a credible change story.
  • Implement changes as fast as possible following the principles of a rapid result change process to create the base of trust so that we can make it.

Methods we use successfully

  • Vision and Strategy Workshops with local management team to develop an attractive common picture of a future that will work.
  • Fast assessment of key business drivers, the organization and its culture to find the levers for sustainable change.
  • Large group workshops to involve relevant people creating the positive spirit of the change.
  • Professional program management for concept development and implementation teams based on co-creation between internal and external experts.
  • Coaching for key leaders, and offering professional outplacement support.
  • Rapid Result Change Programs to achieve short term business results acting with new behavior.

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