Market shift forces changes

Even those companies that have been running a stable and sound operation in the past decade, have to reconsider many aspects of their approach to leading and managing their business. Changes due to the economic trends, market developments, social and workforce variability, all lead to the need of an altered attitude in company management. This includes entering new strategic arenas, novel preferred leadership behaviors, reframing operational principles, review and development of processes, etc. Management teams face situations in such processes which they have not experienced before and therefore have only limited skill set to handle these situations.

According to our experience the following is needed

  • A revised and commonly shared vision and business-oriented strategy worked out by the management Team.
  • More open confrontation with internal and external reality, and if needed, making clear decisions even in ‘touchy’ areas.
  • Involvement as well as engagement of a wider group of employees, thus freeing more energy and creativity within the organization.
  • Experimenting, being brave with new and innovative solutions.
  • Strengthening the mid-management in terms of leadership skills as well as understanding the ‘why’ behind the necessary changes.

Methods we use successfully

  • Top management workshops where team members work on a common vision and strategy, how to use their individual differences as resources for the team, and how to convert the company’s situation and plans into specific actions.
  • Executive coaching to support key management members in the change processes and in their personal development.
  • Team coaching and action learning for the management team and key personnel of the company to translate everyday experience into learning and build a common problem solving attitude.
  • Various process improvement workshops, modeling exercises, creative and innovative workshops including large group events to bring in new ideas, methods into the business as usual operation.

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