Modernize public and health sector

The public and health sector have to react increasingly quick and flexible to changing framework conditions. Administrative efficiency is more important than ever. Smooth internal collaboration, good cooperation with other service providers, and the best possible involvement of citizens are required therefore. Through effective process steering and knowledge experience about the public and health sector we support you by designing your services in the most efficient and citizen-oriented way.

Related to our experience we see some key success factors

  • Develop powerful visions and strategic objectives.
  • Identify central fields of development.
  • Enhance internal and external transparency.
  • Develop mental models of politicians and leaders in the public sector.
  • Transformation from input- to outcome-orientation.

Methods we use successfully

  • Service portfolio audit: You obtain information about the costs and the effectiveness of existing public services. This information makes it easier to decide which services to provide in the future to what extent, at what quality and to which target groups.
  • Design of management and controlling systems, which are optimally integrated into the management processes, thus enabling outcome-oriented organization.
  • Renew the IT, ideally adapted to the corporate goals.
  • Management diagnostics support the systematic development of people and the organization.
  • Design of communication events (workshops with employees and the management team).
  • Design of effective and efficient funding systems.
  • Outcome-analysis: know the connections between ressources, Services, outcome and impact for the society
  • Outsourcing and PPP: identify the right legal framework for public services. 

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Andreas Pölzl
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Project examples
Trade Union for Private Sector Employees
Vienna University of Economics and Business
Federal Theatre Holding
Province of Styria