New visionary management

Among the manifold changes companies face these days, one of the crucial ones is the frequently changing top management team. We could say that a management team is never set up in ‘final form’ nowadays. The reasons for this can vary from changing organizational structures or processes, through altered individual motivations, to lack of resources.

Our experience shows that in such cases an iterative process should be employed where these steps might follow one another

  • Sharing the personal and organizational vision of the CEO with top Management.
  • Building a common understanding of the business case and the time span of the plans.
  • Creating an appealing vision, with the involvement of the whole management Team.
  • Team building activities such as understanding personal differences and using them as a resource, contracting for the common purpose of the team, improving feedback culture.
  • Making strategic choices about what the management team and the company shall and shall not embark on.
  • Cascading the vision and the common purpose into the organization, thus supporting sense making for the whole company.
  • Individual support, coaching for management team members and key personnel.

Methods we use successfully

  • Vision and team building top management workshop.
  • Action learning process for key personnel, to support the translation of experience, into individual and team learning.
  • Real time strategic planning large group workshop.
  • Team coaching for the top management.
  • Executive Coaching.
  • Team building activities understand personal differences and use them as resources.

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