Overcome organizational borders

For future market success, more cross-functional cooperation is needed. All units have to focus on value creation for customers. The reality shows strong profit centers, historically developed sub cultures and misaligned processes. The effect is silo thinking, “we and they feelings” and suboptimal results.

How do we overcome these restrictions and generate common work for the whole organization and a real “we-feeling”? How do we avoid unnecessary limitations and create real cross-functional cooperation to create customer value in an efficient and effective way?

According to our experience the following steps are needed

  • Create a shared picture for the common future and transparent strategic priorities for all units.
  • Reduce cooperation obstacles between units by redesigning systems to support value creation (MBO, Profit Center, Processes, etc.).
  • Introduce lateral processes built on trust and collaboration, not only written procedures.
  • Organize cross functional communication where all relevant people are personally and emotionally involved.

Methods we use successfully

  • Large group dialogue-style workshop with 50 – 500 key people where deeper communication on a Business and emotional Level takes place.
  • Strategic direction Setting workshop with all relevant top-managers to create a common vision, shared goals and transparent strategy.
  • Comprehensive identity development process by involving key people at crucial spots.
  • Cultural exploration and feedback processes to launch a new way of communication between units.
  • Business process redesign – by involving different units along the processes to collaborate in value creation.

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