Pressure to more efficiency

Year after year, corporations launch various efficiency improvement programs. These are usually based on techniques which eliminate losses, i.e. they aim to create lean processes and to minimize fail rate to a 6sigma level, based on the expertise available within the organization.

However, rapid market changes (e.g. the introduction of new products or new processes, change of production volumes) will often overwrite the results from earlier programs, creating a renewed need to focus on efficiency improvement.

We support these improvement processes in a co-creation mode by clarifying topics critical to generating customer value

  • What is the value the customer is paying for?
  • How to create this value?
  • What are the key processes in value creation?
  • How to take care of these key processes?
  • Who should be responsible for creating this customer value?
  • What skill sets are needed in the organization for this process?
  • What are the preferred behaviors to succeed?

Methods we use successfully

  • Value stream mapping.
  • Waste hunt and process efficiency measures.
  • Quick change over Support.
  • Continuous improvement.
  • Self directed working groups.
  • Professional coaching and project management support.

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