Strengthen the quality of leadership

Successful companies require good leadership. It is an essential part of culture development and a responsibility for whole organisation. How might we recognise the needs that your organisation has for leadership?

Do you know as a leader where your strengths and development areas lie? It is possible to apply new skills and practises that will take your leadership to the next level.

Related to our experience we see some key success factors

  • As a leader the most important resource is your people - create trust and commitment.
  • Asking questions and listening – instead of always giving answers.
  • The skills and practices – focus on “how” not on “what”.
  • Horizontal leadership understanding e. g. inspiring, sense-making, coaching, reflection.
  • Finding your own role as a leader.

Methods we use successfully

  • Training, coaching and sparring, externally or internally.
  • Appreciative enquiry approach as a basic element.
  • Continuous improvement through coaching.
  • Implementing best practices through coaching.
  • Experimental learning.
  • Value based performance Training.
  • Development center.
  • Competence leap based on interviews.
  • Leadership Simulation.

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