Abenteuer Change Management

Solid tips from practice for anyone who wants to make a difference

By Manfred Höfler, Dietmar Bodingbauer, Hubert Dolleschall, Franz Schwarenthorer and others

Ever been involved in change processes? If so, then you will be painfully aware of the problems, pitfalls and distinctive features they bring with them.

Abenteuer Change Management is a very new kind of remedy. Its 80 stories, models and experiences of managers – everyday management life – translate into concrete tips on best practice, showing how to ensure your change project succeeds. These are then presented in a new and humorous format: tried-and-tested, sound theoretical models and the essence of practical experience gleaned from change projects – some which succeeded, and some which didn’t – all humorously translated into a pleasing visual format by cartoonist Michael Unterleitner in around 100 illustrations.

The book, from the ICG Integrated Consulting Group, is the perfect tool if you want to start off a change project absolutely right, come up with up a real solution in a case where it seemed none existed – or just want to put a smile on the faces of everyone involved in a deadlocked situation.

Packed full with cartoons by Michael Unterleitner.

Price: € 24.90
Published by: Frankfurter Allgemeine Buch
Publication date:
November 2010

The authors

The authors are consultants from ICG Integrated Consulting Group who have put their many years of consulting experience to good use in more than 100 change processes. Their treasure trove of experience includes work with international concerns, public organizations and family-run companies.

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