.A.S.A. Abfallservice

Orientation of organization and processes of the A.S.A. Group to growth in Central and Eastern Europe

As part of a 3-year development process, group-wide processes and standards were developed. Cross-border interdisciplinary functions set up, and organizations and processes optimized in the countries in question. The new organization was developed, implemented, evaluated and optimized in an effort to achieve the following objectives:

  • Adequate support for growth (regional growth and new services).
  • Efficient usage of abilities and know-how throughout the group (particularly transfer of abilities to new countries).
  • Optimization of group-wide and local processes from viewpoint of a group optimum (through group-wide standards, for instance).
  • Best possible support for existing and new national organizations.
  • Efficient communication structures within the group.
  • Compatibility with interdisciplinary functions of parent company.

ICG supported the project from the very beginning. Particular importance was attached to clean integration of all those affected and those with the relevant know-how (with current “best practice” being employed in each respective case). A combination of constructive reconciliation of different interests (group as opposed to national interests), elimination of prejudices, and simultaneous orientation to “state of the art” organization produced a streamlined, powerful international structure and processes capable of serving as a basis for further corporate development. For this process to succeed, clean cross-border communications and a balance between the ideas/approaches developed “at grass-roots” and the required clear management guidelines were decisive. In addition to specialized competences such as the optimization of processes and management and communications structures, ICG’s most important contribution was its know-how in the moderation of workshops, management meetings and large group events. The result was rounded off by clean documentation in an organizational handbook, which was then used as a group-wide standard.