Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior

Introduction of ELAK

The Federal Ministry of the Interior has implemented the electronic file system in the central administration of the ministry in course of the project „ELAKimBUND“.Thereby the seamless processing  of business cases from  the inbox until the conclusion is supported and after all the preliminaries for eGovernement are created.

German Federal Ministry of the Interior

Effects of the demographic change on the cultural institutions in rural areas

ICG culturplan has carried out a study for The Federal Ministry of the Interior to evaluate the effects of the demographic change in rural areas of the nine federal states. In this context

  • scientific literature has been treated,
  • political theory and practice in Eastern German federal states has been analyzed,
  • best practice cases from all nine countries were presented. 

In conclusion guidance for the municipal and regional cultural policy was worked out. They were developed along a cultural policy planning process.