City of Herford

Organizational analysis, budget planning and controlling – MARTa gGmbH (museum)

The new museum in Herford, the MARTa had problems with organizational structures, with the budget and with its public mandate. The museum did not fulfill the city’s expectation to be a cultural lighthouse.

The project objective was to clarify the root cause for the problems through an organizational analysis and prepare organizational decisions to lead the museum with a clear mandate and an organizational plan to success. Furthermore, an effective controlling should be prepared, a new management recruited and the political communication coordinated.

ICG – culturplan supported by

  • Analyzing the economic parameters and designing the desired budget
  • Analyzing the structural and process organization and designing the desired organization
  • Analyzing the municipal and cultural policy environment
  • Checking the benchmarks
  • Conceptualizing a controlling system
  • Communicating the results in a difficult political environment
  • Consulting the providers for recruiting the CEO and artistic management

On basis of the results of our work the communal politics decided an almost unanimously mandate and a sufficient budget for MARTa. Structure and processes were professionalized. Meanwhile MARTa is positively grounded.