Federal Computing Center Ltd.

Outsourcing of the Federal Computing Center Ltd.

The Federal Computing Center Ltd. was outsourced from the Federal Ministry of Finance. Thereby the vision of a strategic IT-service- and competence center for the federal administration and the whole public management was realized. In a process of less than six months concepts had to be developed and the business operations of a Limited Liability company had to be prepared:

  • The outsourcing concept was created under high time pressure.
  • Executive coaching and organizational design were supported.
  • A Balanced Scorecard was developed and implemented as a basis for successful management control system

The Federal Computing Center Ltd. is the market-leading eGovernment partner in Austria and ranking fourth in the list of national IT service providers. Austria takes a leading position in Europe not least by this outsourcing project which includes many different IT areas (e. g. eGovernment application “Help-GV”).