Federal Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture

Electronic file system organization manual for the education authority in Vienna (Landesschulräte, Stadtschulrat)

Change of the working culture of strategically aligned IT systems and best practice processes.

In all Austrian education authorities an IT system for the electronic file administration licensed by the Federal Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture had been used for several years. In order to strategically align this system for future developments a team of representatives from the education authority developed a nationwide valid organization manual for the work with national education authorities. This process was organized and supported by ICG.

  • Existing country specific organizational and legal rules were analyzed and coordinated with the possibilities of the electronic file system in workshops.
  • Best practice experiences for defined user cases/use cases from different federal states were introduced and standardized for nationwide applicability.
  • Potential possibilities for further developments in IT and legal regulations were highlighted, standardized nationwide and introduced.
  • In the separate countries‘ educational authorities information and communication workshops were held in which practical experiences and proposals were discussed with users and the change measures were implemented.

This project enabled the development and implementation of nationwide valid recommendations and thereby contributed considerably to the educational authorities’ further development to a paperless administration and was a significant preliminary for the realization of eGovernment. Furthermore, the standardization of organizations and procedures contributes to the reduction of IT costs.

Kurt Grünwald