Immorent AG

Business and project management standards for the project development business of Immorent

At Immorent project development includes everything from the development of a real estate object until the realization of the ready-built object. Because of Immorent’s enormous expansion in Austria and especially in the CEE countries it became necessary to develop standards for business processes, business understanding and project management. These processes had to be supported by unified IT tools and rolled out group wide in 11 countries.

ICG supported this project by

  • Developing and standardizing international best practice business cases considering various national specifics.
  • Conception of business standards for processing Immorent real estate projects.
  • Design and realization of workshops for the content-wise development of large group events that were intended for knowledge transfer within the national organizational units.

Kurt Grünwald


Cost management and efficiency controlling

  • Development of a companywide system of key performance indicators for increasing Efficiency.
  • Preparation of measures for cost optimization.

Bruno Burkart