Novartis Oncology Deutschland: reorientation and organizational design of a business unit

As a business unit of Novartis Pharma GmbH, Novartis Oncology Deutschland is active in the growth market of cancer preparations. The business unit is amongst the most successful in the group, and has been proactively designing the corporate trend since being founded. The relevant business figures bear witness to the success of this strategy. The challenges facing the management team in Germany were to orient its organization more strongly to patients and clients, and design the organization accordingly, as well as transformation of its portfolio in an environment in the midst of major change.

Management at the company were expecting the change project to achieve the following results: the redesign of the organization should be implemented without sacrifices in the growth path; new roles were to be designed; and a reshuffle in teams and functions was to be achieved with the optimal know-how transfer.

The process was as follows

  • Working out of the change architecture, with definition of work streams and milestone planning.
  • Working out rules for the core team and steering group.
  • Moderation of the lead team in reaching decisions on key issues (basic model of organization, process concept, etc.).
  • Linking of content-related results with intensive communication and incorporation concept for all employees.
  • Coaching of those responsible for the project and the core team.
  • Training of managers regarding questions of change management and team cooperation.
  • Designing of large events for incorporation, information and training in new functions/tasks.
  • Professionalization and accompaniment of cross-functional teams.
  • Step-by-step evaluation in course of the project: recording of project experiences and continuous improvement of the new standard in the core team.
  • Consulting of further process to achieve long-term anchoring in the company.

With the change, a committed movement is becoming noticeable in the company. In addition to the change in organization, participants are experiencing a significant boost in the quality of communication and cooperation between different locations.

Frank Kühn