Common Corporate Development

They are already market leader and have an inspiring corporate culture – and still Prisma is aiming to get even better. “More partner-like, more transparent and more ambitions” are the company values that are not only valid for the market but also for internal cooperation.

In a way as fitness program the management board initiated a process of a proactive organizational development. Therefore, customer impulses were collected and development fields were explored in employee workshops. Together, all managers evaluated the status quo with strengths and weaknesses and afterwards they developed an attractive picture of the future jointly with the board. Consequently several implementation teams worked on development topics like: improvement of business processes, design of innovation management and new guidelines for project oriented cooperation. Prisma shows that entrepreneurial spirit, an appreciative culture and a professional organizational design are no contradiction but rather essential elements to sustainably expand market leadership in Austria.

Article about this Project (German)

Manfred Höfler