Province of Lower Austria

Environmental economics & regional development funding

Process benchmarking

In public administration supply and demand are not defined by the market. If a service is delivered in the required efficiency and quality is not reflected directly by the market. A possibility to collect systematic feedback on the service offer anyway is provided by process benchmarking.

The municipal waste management in Lower Austria is organized partly by waste management networks and partly by communities or cities themselves. This results in great differences in the design of service offers and in the costs connected therewith. In order to capture the offered services as well as the underlying processes the Province of Lower Austria initiated a benchmarking project for performance analysis of the various organizations. At sub-process level volume and cost data was collected, analyzed and interpreted in evaluation workshops and thereby the exchange of experiences was promoted. To increase the service offer of municipal waste management for citizens, minimum standards were decided on basis of the benchmarking project and all participants worked von the implementation. In parallel the development of a uniform data base in the networks and communities as well as a uniform accounts code has started. Future comparisons are thereby easier to perform.