Province of Salzburg

Executive department of equal opportunities, anti-discrimination and promotion of women

Effectiveness and good governance – from recipient of subsidies to a service organization

Innovation in public management: the project „effectiveness and good governance – from recipient of subsidies to a service organization” is an example of how innovation works in public management – and was therefore awarded the "Österreichische Verwaltungspreis" (Austrian public administration award).

In a development process of approx. one year effectiveness goals and product catalogues based on the requirements of the executive department were worked out with four non-profit organizations. In a process that involved all participants a reporting system was designed that includes impact indicators, key figures for services and resources as well as qualitative information for public management and politics. The data was evaluated and interpreted together using a standardized report. The process enabled the development of a common understanding for objectives and the logic of administrative behavior and the evolution of a common language for the reporting system. It was important to give the partners insights into the own scope to better understand the whole context. The mutual exchange of expectations and role clarifications helped as well. After piloting the model was implemented in all other subsidized women organizations in the province of Salzburg by the executive department itself.