Romanian Ministry of Administration and Interior

Development and implementation of activities planning tools and management performance assessment at General Directorate of Internal Audit, Romanian Ministry of Administration and Interior

The project helps GDIA to organize and plan efficiently its activities, providing the opportunity to reduce public expenditure, increasing correlation of the decision-making process between GDIA and territorial structures, measurement, evaluation and monitoring of performance management.

Project objectives:

  • Activity planning through developing and implementing of work procedures;
  • Reporting and measurement of management performance by developing and implementing specific strategies  which will contribute to create a network of interrelated decisions by choosing objectives, means and the resources;
  • Efficient communication between GDIA and its territorial structures;
  • Utilisation of information management in decisions-taking process by implementing a video conferencing system at central and local levels.

Implemented activities:

  • Acquisition of necessary equipment for project implementation;
  • Acquisition of necessary equipment for internal management team;
  • Reviewing of existing work procedures and creating new procedures;
  • Develop a strategy for managerial performance assessment and development of a managerial control system;
  • Know-how and knowledge transfer;
  • Mentoring;
  • Sessions organising regarding durable development and chance equality theme;
  • Organization of sessions regarding durable development and equality of opportunities theme.

Project Target Group

  • 38 Auditors from General Directorate of Internal Audit (GDIA);
  • 97 Auditors from the 8 subordinated territorial structures of GDAI;
  • 40 Representatives of County Gendarmerie Inspectorate;
  • 40 Representatives of County Police Inspectorate;
  • 40 Representatives of Inspectorate for Emergency Situations.