Romanian Ministry of Public Finance

  • Development of a performances evaluation tool , which has to link the following:
    • The long term objectives and the short term activities;
    • The organization vision and its activities;
    • Superior management and the executive staff.
  • Development of an integrate system for performance management at the Romanian Ministry of Public Finance level, which can highlight both the financial measures and the non-financial perspectives: clients/ beneficiaries/ citizens, internal processes, increase/ innovation/learning;
  • Development  of KPIs centralization system at the organization/ directorate/ uploading  and operations updating, for an easy data access in order for their analysis;
  • The cost generated by the activities duplication at the directorates level were reduced. In this way the charging level on each unit was improved, so the effort and the work intensity have reached the optimum level;
  • Significant reduction of the people and the time involved by the reports realization, processing and transmitting.

Implemented Activities:

  1. Diagnosis analysis;
  2. The first study trip;
  3. Workshops;
  4. Design and implementation of the Balanced Scorecard;
  5. Implementation and monitoring of the BSC pilot project;
  6. The intermediate evaluation and the improvement of the BSC system;
  7. Training for the BSC informatics application maintenance;
  8. The second study trip;
  9. The final evaluation and the improvement of BSC system