Project management qualification worldwide

RÜTGERS group is Europe’s leading manufacturer of chemical raw materials made from coal tar and has eight international production sites. The future-oriented, global business developments as well as the professional quality, flexibility and sustainability demands require a professional and effective project management.

The management expects project work to solve tasks in excellent teamwork and to bundle all required competences across sites and divisions. The initiative is also seen as additional chance to better connect cultures, motivations, and experiences of employees worldwide. The schedule is demanding: within a year a worldwide standard and the trainers’ competences should be established and the first round of training workshops should have been held.

The approach

  • Development of an appropriate project management standard within the core team: process model, organization and roles, methods and terms.
  • Conception of lively training workshops which combine the communication of standards with the immediate project Consulting.
  • International train-the-trainer workshop: selected employees are appointed as future (co-)trainers, get acquainted to contents and training concepts and develop both; the cooperation between colleagues from Belgium, Germany and Canada leads to high commitment for the common cause.
  • Training workshops at international sites; the internal trainers take their role over quickly; consultants support them at site within the first half year by supervising, giving feedback and evaluating.
  • Step-by-step evaluation of the training workshops, absorption of project experience and continuous improvement of the new standards within the core team; consulting of the further process in order to sustainably root the project management within the company.
  • After the series of workshops a committed movement within the company could be seen. Besides the project management qualification the involved people experience a considerably better communication and cooperation across sites.

Frank Kühn