"To shape change is the main task for management in the 21st century."

High impact change management

Managing change is the key challenge for today’s leaders. Too often traditional methods only design complex and exhausting change programs, organize communication events or just deal with the soft skills. The result: either the change is not related to the business, or it is just a “facade” and does not create new behavior. A change leader with high impact will develop new ways of working and a business culture based on the requirements of the market. Nevertheless change is related to structures, strategic processes or systems, it is always people who have to be commited, inspired and guided.

Effective Change Management always takes 4 steps

  1. Creating a common understanding of the initial situation: “Why should we change?”
  2. Developing an attractive vision of the future and realistic goals: “In which direction shall we develop?”
  3. Drafting a route and taking the concrete steps to lead the organization and its people from the current state to the desired state.
  4. Ensuring that new skills and behaviors enable sustainable growth.

In this process we always integrate the “hard and soft skills” meaning that change processes need simultaneous work on both content (concepts for strategies, structures, system), and peoples` emotions (behavior, feelings, attitudes).

Together with you we create change processes. We provide our experience, services and professional qualities e.g.

  • Design of a change roadmap to achieve sustainable results (reorganizations, implementation of new strategies, mergers and acquisitions, etc.).
  • Support of the implementation of new systems (e.g. SAP) by behavior changing initiatives.
  • Sparring Partner for leaders in their Change Manager role to drive the change and inspire their staff to overcome  challenges.
  • Support for the turnaround of business units, regional units or production sites by working simultaneously on relevant tipping points  (leadership development, process improvements, cultural changes, performance management or people management).
  • Motivation of organization using our proven method “Rapid Result Change".
  • Development of change agents` leaders` and project managers` skills and capabilities, by action learning methods, and personal coaching.