"Tomorrow´s management processes must nurture innovation in every corner of the organization"

Gary Hamel

Innovation fitness

Innovations must have top priority on the strategic agenda of every executive. Without innovation no organization will survive in the long run. Innovations related e. g. to business models, management practices, work processes, and naturally related also to products, services and technologies, are vital for survival and prosperity.
However, many organizations are still struggling with bringing their innovation capabilities to the next level. The organizational dilemma is to provide room for innovation culture in the middle of a companys`efficiency culture – both are needed. People need the right mindset and adequate skills that can be utilized when new innovations are needed. These skills can be learnt. Organizations also need efficient processes and structures to pick up winning ideas, and to develop these into high quality solutions. Commitment for a visionary innovation strategy and continuous search for new opportunities are the cornerstones of world class innovative organizations.

Success factors for effective innovation processes

  • The right innovation mindset of managers and employees.
  • Adequate used resources at the front-end of Innovation.
  • Well thought visionary innovation strategy aligned with organizational goals.
  • Balance between innovation culture and efficiency culture.
  • Innovation skills of managers and employees.

We support you in innovation activities

  • Set-up of effective innovation teams.
  • Training of innovation skills and creativity methods.
  • Development of an effective  innovation process.
  • Design and facilitation of innovation projects tailored to your needs.
  • Facilitation of creative problem solving process of your teams.
  • Design of idea creation workshops with up to 60 people to harvest the best ideas for business opportunities.
  • Definition of a visionary innovation strategy to efficiently allocate resources and to systematically develop innovation capability.
  • Measurement of innovation capability to find development areas of the highest impact.
  • Development of new and innovative business models.
  • Establishment of idea management systems to support efficient idea generation and development.

Our 30 years experience in this field shows us that measures to improve organizational Innovation capabilities are very individual. The more radical innovations expected, the more effort has to be put into the front-end of innovation. 

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Project examples

Dr. Roland Waldner