"Leadership and management competence are essential if organizations are to succeed."

Leadership development

Leadership is achieving goals with others in an organization where organizational efficiency (business results) and human workplace (leadership) are in harmony. However, corporate leaders have been facing some new challenges to their skill-sets in the past decade as the business environment has dramatically changed. We understand these challenges, and support leaders with widely used leadership practices and our vast experience in this area.

Changes in this area requires competences which are in the focus of our leadership development programs

  • Effective leadership means understanding the organization and operation in order to build value creating collaborations within and among organization units.
  • Not to act individually but focusing on organizational phenomenon/values.
  • "Sense making": how we interpret the reality (physical and social)  around us, based on this we create the ‘new’ operation.
  • To steer and develop the ‘whole’ corporation in the ever changing environment.
  • A dialogue during change processes, where employees feel more and more comfortable in the areas of personal commitment and taking responsibilities.
  • Connecting the well-being of people and self leadership.

We support you in your development

During our development processes, instead of "delivering” the training materials, we focus on enabling participants for personal learning, change and development through participatory learning processes. We also put the expected business results into the focus of our development practices.

For these purposes, we use a variety of practice oriented tools tailored to the needs of the participants:

  • Assessment/Development Center (AC/DC)
  • Processive Leadership Approach (PLA)
  • Exemplary Leadership (LPI)
  • Natural Tendencies Analysis (NTA)
  • Executive coaching
  • Team coaching and action learning

We trust that the most efficient and effective development is achieved through self-leadership. That is when leaders learn how to develop themselves. We believe that people can/will do better things if they have the possibility to do so.

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