"Many are able to make some processes more efficient but only a few manage to implement lean principles as an elementary part of the culture."

Lean and process management

Companies have used lean philosophy for more than fifty years for developing more efficient and profitable operations. Tools and principles are widely known but only a few manage to emerge from the one shot - lean as a project - approach and to shape this philosophy to an ongoing activity: continuous improvement thinking.  It is proven that organizations that only react to changing customer needs are less effective than those which are able to change to agile operating mode. Innotiimi-ICG with its more than 30 years of experience offers professional and coaching support for the new paradigm and teaches the leaders and workers to see improvement opportunities and earn measurable benefits.

The way to lean success

We rely on the LEAN pillars (specify value, create value stream, define flow process, create customer pull and pursue perfection) starting with the customer requirement and looking the company as a big picture (not sub-optimizing only one piece of it):

  • We focus on visible (overproduction, inventory, waiting, transport, motion, extra processing, defects) and non-visible (lack of knowledge, unclear goals, lack of cooperation/teamwork, missing motivation, lack of learning, slow decisions, dissatisfaction of clients) sources of waste/losses.
  • We simplify and keep the process in flow.
  • We provide good quality for the first time.
  • We make visible and empower people.

We support you in your lean process

  • Tailor made coaching & training (leaders & workers).
  • Quick screen for lean maturity and opportunity evaluation.
  • Co-creating of implementation processes for challenge the old thinking, speed up developments and cultural change process with external experiences.
  • Implementation support for culture change and sustainable results.

For further questions please contact

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Milan Gazdík
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