"Sustainable changes in the logic of politics and administration require a special competence and experience."

Public management

Sustainable changes in public administration require special competences and experience. The Innotiimi-ICG group has 30-years longstanding experience in supporting key reform projects in the public sector. We know that versatile challenges require new strategies. A consistent orientation towards the results and outcomes is required. Public Management increases performance, impact and quality of public organizations. We do not believe in Public Management as a fixed concept, but in developing tailored reform projects.

Success factors for effective public administration

  • Shift from input- to output-orientation.
  • Service orientation and quality management (transformation into a customer-oriented service provider).
  • Consequent use of modern IT- and communication-technology (E-Government, Electronic Workflow Management etc.).
  • Lean organizational structure (product-oriented, decentralization etc.).
  • Contract Management.
  • Modern budgeting systems (output/outcome-oriented, product based).
  • Strong focus on leadership and HR-development.

We support you in comprehensive and sustainable modernization programs

  • Full range of consulting services needed for comprehensive and sustainable reforms (change management and project management know how, controlling, human resource development, strategy and organizational development etc.).
  • Holistic diagnosis of the starting point.
  • Development of a powerful vision and strategic goals with you.
  • Our top experts are involved in state of the art-reform projects and in education and training programs at different levels.
  • Experience of successful work in developing public administration in different European countries. We are one of the market leaders in this field in different countries as examples Austria, Romania, Sweden, Finland, Hungary.