"Success of cities and regions is always the result of a well-thought-through strategy and its consistent delivery."

Regional development

Success of cities and regions - just like the success of any organization - is always the result of a well thought through strategy and its consistent implementation. Failing to plan equals planning to fail. A good plan is worth nothing if it is not implemented. Cities and regions are in competition, just like companies; they compete for resources, investors and people. In this fierce competition, they have to offer a combination of various things, but in the end, they need to become a place to live and a place to do business. As simple as it sounds, though, becoming such an area is far from being easy. It requires long-term commitment, dedication, good governance and an integrated strategy, broken down into well thought through, feasible and sustainable development projects. It is the hard way, with no shortcuts and with quite a few bumps along the way.

Success factors for regional development

We can support all aspects of regional and urban development through our range of Services:

  • Sustainable urban development
  • Development of strategies
  • Feasibility studies and CBA
  • Evaluation

We support you in your development

  • Strategic planning, project identification and design.
  • Project implementation to increase the competitiveness and to build the foundations of urban areas` sustainable development.
  • Preparation of a detailed feasibility study thoroughly investigating all aspects of the given development, and also including a cost-benefit analysis (CBA).
  • Preparation and delivery of evaluation projects on both national and international level.
  • Holistic evaluation approach and methodology.
  • Specialists knowledge in evaluating EU funded programmes.
  • We have supported a wide range of clients from the smallest settlements through micro-regions to regions to prepare a development strategy and translate it into actionable steps. In addition, we have worked extensively with national bodies to prepare strategies and operational programmes necessary to use European structural support.

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