"The internal dynamic within work groups and teams is simply reality – it influences levels of productivity and work satisfaction in positive and negative ways."

Team development

One of the most important expectations towards a team is that its overall performance shall be higher than the sum of the individual performance of its members, i.e. 1+1>2. To achieve this, a crucial precondition is that team members have a clear contract with each other, both cognitively and psychologically. It gives a basis for common sensemaking as well as using individual differences as resources in the process of realizing goals for the team and the company. Our offer aims to create such teams. Our team development processes are always tailored to the needs of that specific team.

The benefits for your team

The benefits for the team include improved business performance of the organization as a result of

  • A better use of team resources, building on individual strengths and synergies between team members.
  • Improved external relationships and  communication within the company and in the business environment.
  • “We” feeling: team members feel more united, have more trust towards each other – thus energy used for completing tasks and building relationships, instead of power struggles.
  • Due to the clear contracting and expectaions there is less stress and team members can support each other.

We support you in your development

  • Design of customized team development programs, with measurable results.
  • Offer ‘open’ references, where you can talk to participants of earlier processes.
  • Use of tools which fit the team the most, including action learning, blended learning, team coaching, peer learning, etc.
  • Coaching key members of the team.

 The development program includes:

  1. Common goal clarification for the team.
  2. Understanding the organizational and business context.
  3. Trust building exercises.
  4. Self reflections, interpreting and working with group dynamics.
  5. Psychological, and emotional contracting for team work.
  6. Recognition of individual values and their fit to the team and organizational values.
  7. Working on individual, team and organizational contexts on specific topics from everyday work.

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