How to Raise Your Company Culture to the Next Tribal Leadership Stage?

Juhana Lampinen wrote this mini e-book because of the great feedback he received about his tribal leadership blog series recently. Dave Logan & Co invented the great concept of Tribal Leadership. This book consists of Juhana Lampinen`s ideas and Dave Logan`s tribal leadership concepts both, collected to a compact form.

This e-book gives you a basic understanding about tribal leadership stages and their characteristics. It helps you identifying where your tribe stands at the moment  and after that it dives into practice telling you how to guide the culture of your business from one stage to another.


Team Building - and making it happen

The Finnish edition of Antti Skyttä’s teambuilding book ”Teambuilding  – and making it happen” is one of the most read teambuilding books in Finland. It has been used as a teambuilding textbook in many schools and institutions. Now it is available in English as well, and exclusively as an iPad ebook edition. Organizations are developing toward leaner structures. Every organization needs to decide how it will find their way in this challenging terrain.

The author of the book, management consultant Antti Skyttä, has consulting experience in organizational development processes for twenty years and teambuilding processes for fifteen years. He has consulted around eighty organizations. This book is based on his practical experiences of teambuilding.

Teambuilding – and making it happen is a holistic guide to the teambuilding process, and at the same time, a practical manual for internal organizational developers, managers, team leaders and team members.

Some reviews of the original Finnish edition:
”A Must read for every team leader.” (Sami Pääkkönen, Team Academy)

”The book serves as a good guide in planning and executing teambuilding. The author guides through the process taking into account many aspects and gives concrete tips for successful execution of teambuilding.” (Ville Lähdesmäki, RayQ)