Boost the innovativeness

You have already invested into the innovation fitness of your organization. An innovation process has been defined and you have very capable persons in your sales, marketing engineering and production. However, you sense that you have not yet activated the full potential of these resources for innovation. You observe one or more of the following indicators:

The number of ideas that we collect with our idea management system are limited and / or not really break-through. We find almost no time to develop new ideas because our best resources are overloaded with the urgent daily business. For the development of break-through ideas we would need the involvement of different departments but we have not yet found a productive format for the needed co-creation mode.

According to our experience the following is needed

  • Formulate explicit areas in which you want to innovate.
  • Discovery of innovation opportunities needs to be experienced as a productive interdisciplinary team effort.
  • Design initial innovation projects as learning exercise for the organization.
  • Establish and nurture an innovation culture within a well-established execution culture.

Methods we use successfully

  • Formation, training and coaching of interdisciplinary innovation teams.
  • Innovation in day-to-day business: creative problem solving in small teams.
  • Open ideation Workshop.
  • Rapid- Result projects.
  • Dialog centered idea management systems.

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