Land of Lower Saxony

Cultural and creative industry

The Land of Lower Saxony recognized an area for business development in the cultural industry, in which post-industrial growth can be generated.

By composing a cultural and creative industry report the Land of Lower Saxony was forced to express its policy for development of the country’s music industry more accurately. ICG culturplan investigated in an innovative research approach the music industry’s value chain:

  • Development of a value chain model
  • Test of the model in discussions with players in the music industry
  • Empirically-based representation of value chain relations at all levels of the music industry
  • Display of typical careers in the music industry
  • Definition of problem areas and starting points for economic and cultural politics actions
  • Presentation of results for professional and political communication
  • Fine tuning of the process with an empiric working group of the NIW on the one hand and the participating state ministries on the other hand