Leonardo Da Vinci

Business Transfer Programme

Task Definition
On European level, yearly, thousands of healthy businesses and with it hundred thousand jobs disappear from the market since the business succession is not regulated. From the business- and economic sight many of these businesses are indeed worth being maintained. Especially jobs for many older employees would persist and still extant company structures could be usefully used in future. Additionally, often badly hedged transferring businessmen could be financially assured by an ordered taking-over (“businessman-pension”). The handing over or take-over of an enterprise requires a variety of planning and arrangements which must be made early to guarantee a successful handing over or take-over. Due to enquiries in the context of the project application, the awareness for the necessity of a long-term and strategic planning of the business succession as well as measures for security and relief of the business succession is still missing on the European level.

The project contributed to an optimal preparation for the business succession and their organisation. It was primarily addressed to people who want to start up their own business without needing to reinvent everything, but want to take-over an already existing enterprise.

Services of ICG

Development of a curriculum for business succession, in basic modules, which were the same in all countries of the European Union and on the other side there were so-called regional modules, which depended on regional or national conditions and framework conditions. The modular construction ensured that everybody attended the modules where the training was needed.


Development of the screening tool tailored to the take-over process as a first check regarding to the legal, economic, technical situation of the enterprise for business successors possible. The tool consisted of a specific question catalogue and enabled a first evaluation of the take-over business and was based on a benchmark database.



  • Liaison with representatives of the Romanian Department of Programming&TA from the National Agency for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises and Co-operatives established.
  •  A statistical study was developed at the level of one Euro-region of Romania – North West Development Region, based on researches in Romanian database, statistics, literature, websites about business transfer topic and using agreed indicators and branches.
  • Inputs for the first draft of the questionnaire addressed to the Business Transferors and Successors, for development of a question catalogue – a check list, to relevant enterprise areas, in order to allow a fist check of the take-over business at the European level.
  • Inputs for realization of the learning platform & screening too.
  • Translation into Romanian of the main tags for the online platform.
  • Two pilot trainings realized on business transfer Topic.
  • Ensuring the internal communication with all partner institutions from the Consortium (nine international institutions from seven European countries).
  • Valorization and dissemination of the project results.
  • Organization of one of the partner’s meetings in Romania.