Province of Upper Austria

Reduction of administrative costs for companies – pilot project in the area of Upper Austria’s federal state law

Quantification and description of the administrative burden for companies in Austria that occur from federal state law information obligations (acc. To SKM-Model).

Task reform and holistic administrative development

The state ministration of the province of Upper Austria has been accompanied during reform processes since 10 years.

Main fields of consulting were:

  • Task reform process: all administrative services were systemically calculated and strategically processed. The performance program had been adopted consequently and services stopped respectively.
  • Redesign of central functions: the areas presidium and HR management were strategically realigned.
  • Support of a process for structural reform: a task force developed an organizational structure guided by NPM-principles which built the basis for the impending rebuilding of an administrative building.

Support of a development process in the course of the strategic alignment of WOV (consulting of the management team, subject-specific impulses).

Development of a drinking water strategy

Besides the specialist experts all shareholder groups were integrated into the project work. Citizens could make a contribution in the course of a future conference. For the implementation of the project result a separate political discussion- and decision process was initiated.

Special organization projects

  • Organizational development, e.g. in the areas environment, water/nature and HR management.
  • Consulting for structural reorganization in cultural developments in the province of Upper Austria.
  • Consulting for the selection and development of  internal organizational development consultants.